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Poetry book by John Mole

The Bone in Her Leg

John Mole

Illustrated by Rigby Graham

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‘The Bone in Her Leg’ is a new collection of fifteen poems from the celebrated poet, John Mole (currently Poet of the City of London and formerly winner of the Gregory, Cholmondley and Signal Adwards for his writing).

With many thanks to Benedick Grant of Magus Recording for producing the video and – of course – to John Mole for his sterling performance.
  • Numbered limited edition.
  • The ‘New Garland’ Series, No 14.
  • ISBN 0904896218.
  • Published in 2008.
  • 21 numbered pages.
  • Editor: Rosemary Grant.

Rigby Graham wood-cut, blackbird Rigby Graham wood-cut, oil lamp Rigby Graham wood-cut, church Rigby Graham wood-cut, checkpoint Poem by John Mole
My husband is absolutely thrilled with ‘The Bone in Her Leg’ that I bought him for Christmas.  Liz Miles, Bedfordshire

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