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Plus tips and supplies for fellow letterpress printers.

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Blogs and videos from the letterpress community in the UK.


Jacqui Sharples and her restored Kelsey Excelsior

Try the ‘What Face Wednesday’ prize draw on the Typoretum blog.

More UK letterpress blogs wanted! Email us a link for approval.


Metal Type is a haven for (in their words) printers and typesetters who remember the old days of letterpress printing.


Professor Knopphauser's 1888 Wharfedale Rides Again

An amusing presentation from Metro Goldwyn Knopphauser, with fantastically daft music (and a cameo from Stafford!).

The Incredible MacTronic

Harry McIntosh's MacTronic is quite something to behold. Watch it in action: from computer straight to the caster!

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